Checking For Plagiarism In Paper

April 22, 2018

Plagiarism is bad you cannot do it in this class if you do it you can fail this class if you think you’re doing it we get to talk to me about it with no consequences other than getting up okay so if that brings us what level down gives you a bit of reassurance just know that if you forget everything else that we talked about today and tomorrow know right up till the last day before the papers do final paper gets turned in if there’s plagiarism in it I have no choice so let’s look at one more example so from the first time you learn don’t take the easy way out the easy way can be the long way if you get that you don’t want to take this class twice from the second person we learn don’t be careless at the note-taking stage it’s possible to plagiarize in your notes and as a result plagiarize in your paper without a penalty.

I would also say that if you have a nearly photographic memory and there about I know it’s about ten percent of the public who does if you read something and you could three days later talk to a friend and say oh my god there’s that one passage and that fucking rereading where he described you know the mountains and some token location whatever and you could actually give these the exact words you probably have photographic memory if you could if you remember lines of dialogue from those that you see and you can recite them if you’ve only seen the movie once you probably have a newly photographic memory and in that case it’s especially important to remember where you got the information and go back and double-check because what that means is phrases and words work their way into your subconscious in a way that lingers and you can call on them later without realizing it so double checking would be especially important for those people tends to be males more than females why that is so here’s another one this was a completely different kind of situation.

This student he was not a very strong student and he decided he was gonna write about the greenhouse effect scene it would be a lot of sources right but then he found himself having to say things like this what important relationship exists between the causes of the global greenhouse effect of the depletion of stratospheric ozone the key greenhouse gases four carbons 12:11 nitrous oxide methane also affects stratospheric ozone strongly these gases have atmospheric survival times long enough to permit them to go into the stratospheric ozone layer and the harsh ultraviolet light they’re the fluorocarbons are decomposed building chlorine atoms that destroy ozone nitrous oxide decomposition yields nitric oxide that acts similar how many of you understand what that sound I expected or business physics but I don’t understand it and neither did he which is why the copy of work the words.