Essay Proofreading Recommendations

March 25, 2018

If you have it swapped around you either need to reorganize the ideas as they’re presented in the introduction so that they match what’s going on in the body of the essay or reorganize the body to make sure it matches the introduction. The former is probably easier so that’s what I would recommend on this first read-through you can read through it pretty quickly just skimming through and make sure that all of the major things are in place that you have everything you need the second and maybe the third and fourth read-through.

You’re gonna read through the essay looking for mistakes that are common to you and your writing this requires you to know what kind of errors you tend to make you want to focus on one or two of the mistakes at a time, so if you know you have a problem with run-on sentences sentence fragments and commas then you’re gonna read through the essay once looking just for run-on sentences and comma errors then you’ll go back and read through it again looking just for the sentence fragments. Or you can go to the Edusson website and order a professional editing for your essay.

You try to look for everything at once you’re more much more likely to miss something I know it seems like it takes a lot of time, but it actually is much faster this way and much more effective. On the next read through you’re going to read the essay backwards last sentence to first sentence so it means you go to the end of the essay. You read the last sentence then you go up and you read the sentence before it, then you open you read the sentence before that so you’re not doing it word-for-word backwards. For example, if I were going to read this slide backwards I would say it’s a really great proofreading tool reading backwards helps you catch sentence level errors minor grammar mistakes etc.

The reason that I suggest that you do this is because we tend to read what we meant to write instead of what we actually wrote. When we read it’s common especially in our own writing but we actually do it all the time. When you read through an essay backwards by sentence you don’t have that same flow it doesn’t make sense so you don’t get caught up in.