Online Business Degrees

November 5, 2017

Online business degrees offer a versatile calling card for opportunities across corporate and public organizations. Learn how a business education can connect you with a career in administration or management.

Online business degrees

A business degree serves as a versatile career credential. Business graduates bring a range of administrative and management skills to an organization, from financial planning to product marketing.

Business degree programs

Business degrees are available in various disciplines and degree levels to match every career objective. The standard qualification for careers in business is the four-year Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in business administration. The two-year associate degree offers a more direct route into a business career, with a more applied curriculum. From here, entry-level working professionals can pursue the bachelor’s and eventually, a master’s degree via online education. The Master of Business Administration, a two-year graduate professional degree, opens doors to senior management and other advanced roles.

Business education directions

Business degree programs represent the full scope of organizational activities, in both general and specialized disciplines. Choose among general programs such as business administration and management, or specialized disciplines such as:

  • Marketing and advertising
  • International business, including global marketing, operations, etc.
  • Management specialties: Non-profit management, technical management, project management, healthcare management, industrial management
  • Contracts and acquisitions
  • Accounting and finance
  • e-Business

Graduate degrees offer opportunities to specialize within these disciplines. You can develop expertise through advanced coursework and special projects on an applied topic. Business professionals pursuing online degrees may choose a capstone or thesis project related to their work.

Online degrees in business

Online education offers an ideal learning format for working professionals and other adults managing many obligations. Online degrees at the associate, bachelor’s and MBA level use multimedia technology to support lectures, demonstrations and collaborative project work online.

A business degree offers access to careers across the private and public sector, at companies, non-profits and government agencies. Job prospects follow the fortunes of the economy as a whole, varying by industry. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Career Guide to Industries, the healthcare and high tech sectors are among those with high growth potential, while manufacturing is on the decline.

To tap into these opportunities, begin planning your online education in business.